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Monday, April 23, 2012

Reece Mastin - Shut Up & Kiss Me

"No need to tease me"

It seems like every other post on this blog nowadays is about some X-Factor contestant. But the fact is (despite the crappy US version), this series actually produces stars. Since winning last year, Australia's Reece Mastin has been catapulted into stardom in his native country. His post-show single, Good Night, was a massive hit, but we've all been wondering what his first official album single will sound like. As it turns out, the song sounds exactly like what I thought it would. But that's no bad thing. Mastin's blend of rock, pop and punk is bound to go down a storm on the charts. This track in particular is tailor-made for radio. It's catchy from the get go. Both hooks in the chorus stick. Mastin, like One Direction and Leona Lewis before him, is the type of performer that could potentially go global. It'll be harder, since the Australian version of the show is lesser known around the world, but with a song and image like his, I can definitely see it happening. What do you think? It's already on top of itunes in Australia.

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