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Monday, April 09, 2012

Scissor Sisters - Only The Horses

"Only the horses can bring us back home"

I hate it when a big track comes out on a Friday because then I have to wait all the way until Monday to write about it. This time it was Scissor Sisters' new one, Only The Horses. It's an interesting case, for sure. Here's my dilemma. I love the song. Really, really love it. I especially love when the Sisters go for full-on, soaring melodic pop music. Sure, they can do the offbeat tracks just as well, but I've always been more of a melody guy. They've also roped in it-boy of the moment Calvin Harris to provide production. All signs point to radio eating this up, but if I'm being honest, I'm not so sure. I WANT them to eat it up, but if the similar-sounding Fire With Fire didn't do it, I'm not sure this is going to either. Bottom line is: I think fans really need to get behind this. It's one of those songs that takes a few spins to really grow on you, but then it sticks. I found myself humming the chorus all weekend. I can't wait for their new album next month. If this and Shady Love are anything to go by, it's going to be quite diverse in sound.

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Blogger Ryan Talbot May said...

I loved this track from the moment I heard it. Fire With Fire is still one of my favourite songs and I was disappointed that it didn't do more for them. This track kind of edges them even closer to mainstream and frankly if it can't capture that wider audience they must be reaching for then really what would? Regardless it's a track that the moment I heard, I knew I couldn't forget. It's been playing all weekend for myself; so much so, my friends keep asking for that 'horsie track'.... lol

2:07 PM  

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