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Monday, April 30, 2012

Studio Killers - Eros & Apollo

"Every night they fall like dominoes"

I am so thrilled to write this post today. I've been waiting for Studio Killers to release their second single for an entire year. As soon as I heard their first one, Ode to the Bouncer, I needed an album from them. Now, I hope that album is right around the corner. If not, at least we've got this amazing track to tide us over. Eros & Apollo isn't all that different than Bouncer (the two share a similar hook, in fact), but that's totally okay because I am obsessed with these guys' sound. But the cool thing is, even though they have the most infectious sound in the world, they don't rest on that. Their lyrics are consistently brilliant. This track tells the cautionary tale of the ultimate alpha male--the guy all the girls go for even though he's no good for them (hence the Greek-referencing title). It's amazingly clever stuff. The video (below) is also addicting. In fact, it's even better than their stellar first effort. Now pull a "Sound of Arrows" give us that album, already!

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