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Friday, May 11, 2012

Flashback Friday: David London - The Sound Of The City

"New York speaks in your native tongue"

The early 80's Village People movie-musical, Can't Stop the Music, is widely considered one of the campiest b-movies ever made. Sadly, as a connoisseur of this genre, I can't agree. It's boring and overlong. Check out the Apple or Voyage of the Rock Aliens if you want real 80's camp. But even if I don't find the movie that (unintentionally) funny, the opening track is pretty damn joyful. David London's The Sound of the City is an excellent, deliriously upbeat disco-pop number. It's like a parade passing through your speaker, loud and bombastic and instantly singalong-able. David London is actually Dennis Frederiksen, who did a lot of session work and played with bands like Toto and Survivor in the 80's. He recorded another great song for the movie (Samantha) and an album under the David London stage name. This, though, is the highlight of his career. It's just so damned giddy!

The sound of the city by Village People on Grooveshark

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