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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Gossip - I Won't Play

"I gave you so many chances but you screwed them all up"

Music-wise, my weekend was primarily concerned with listening to the new Gossip album. I've never really liked any of their albums before (though I kneel to the amazingness that is "Heavy Cross"), but I'm liking the poppier direction they've gone with this one. No matter how you feel about the band, Beth Ditto has one of the best voices in music today. She can turn even an average song into something special. I Won't Play comes late in the album, but definitely leaves its mark. In some ways, it's got a similar sound to Heavy Cross, which might explain why I love it so much. The song really builds--from a catchy bassline to the chorus, which offers great rock and roll catharsis. Best of all, the melody is on point. It's got so many hooks, both vocal and instrumental, that make it both instant and impossible not to replay over and over.

I Won't Play by Gossip on Grooveshark

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Anonymous ArkArmy said...

I like their new album, even so some of the songs still have to grow on me.
Really loving "Perfect Word" right now. "Get a job" and "Move in the Right Direction", makes me wanna get up and dance.

10:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really like how they have moved towards pop without sacrificing any of their badassed-ness

11:23 AM  

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