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Monday, May 14, 2012

Icona Pop - I Love It

"I crashed my car into the bridge"

Some songs just blow in like a hurricane, stealing attention away from everything else on the radio. Icona Pop's new single, I Love It, has widely (and preemptively) been looked at as the best song of 2012. And really, when December rolls around, I wouldn't be surprised to see it towards the top of my own list. It's that good. Icona Pop are a Swedish duo making quirky, slightly aggressive pop music. They released an EP last year that was pretty good, but nothing could have compared me for this track. Being a creative person myself, I'd imagine it was one of those kinds of songs that just came from the ether... "inspiration," if you will. Of course, I know nothing about the songwriting process involved, but it just has such an urgent--yet ridiculously simple--structure and vibe about it. Hear it once... hell, hear half of it once... and you'll be singing it back. It's like Robyn's Dancing On My Own if that track was really, really pissed off. This makes sense, since the two share a songwriter in Patrik Berger. If that's not enough to get you listening, I don't know what is. (This embedded version has a few seconds of talking at the beginning. Ignore it. It's not on the single version)

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