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Monday, May 07, 2012

Keane - Sovereign Light Cafe

"We'd go down to the rides on east parade"

The new Keane album is out tomorrow and, though it's not my favorite of theirs, I'd definitely recommend it. For me, the band have really had two peaks. The first was their undeniably awesome (and mega-successful) debut album, Hopes and Fears. The second--and this might be more controversial--was their 80's-inspired Perfect Symmetry album. I seem to have a lot more love for that one than others. When Keane is at the top of they're game, they're pretty much unstoppable. Tom Chaplin has some of the best vocals of our time, and their songwriting is instantly identifiable as a hyper-melodic brew of genres. At one time, they were compared to Coldplay, but I'd take them over Coldplay any day. The new album is slightly more downtempo than I'd like, but there are definitely some amazing tracks that hearken back to the sound of their first album. Sovereign Light Cafe is the standout for me. It's a surging, anthemic piano rocker with nostalgic, Springsteen-esque lyrics. It would definitely go on a Keane greatest hits package as far as I'm concerned! As far as I'm concerned, the world can't have enough of songs like this.

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