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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ola - I'm In Love

"I'm a sucker when she pulls her game"

Ola Svensson never lets down pop fans. I could say that about many of Sweden's pop music exports, but I'm always paying extra attention to Ola. It used to be the fact that he was known to collaborate with the songwriting/production duo extraordinaire Tony Nilsson and Bassflow, but even now that he's moved on to new sounds, I still find myself waiting impatiently for new material from him. He's got such a cool, laid back persona and (in my opinion at least) the perfect male pop voice. It's instantly recognizable. I'm In Love is his new single and, even though it sounds a lot like his last album (which saw him moving toward a trendier, less interesting direction), it's still got the kind of incredible hook that marks his best work. The chorus is so stupidly simple, yet buoyant and much more fun than it seems on first listen. It's another great single in a discography full of them.

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