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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Scissor Sisters - Self Control

"It's hard to take it easy when you're unsatisfied"

Oh, man. I hate to even type this, but I'm just not feeling the new Scissor Sisters album. It's perfectly fine, sure, but even though I've listened to it at least five times now, I can easily say it's my least favorite--the least exciting--release they've recorded. I say this as a massive fan, an admirer of lead single Only The Horses, and an absolute lover of Let's Have A Kiki (which is by far the most memorable thing on the record). The rest, much like Adam Lambert's new one, is stuff that I'm desperately trying to connect to. I think one of the problems is that Night Work, their last album, was so so SO strong. Seriously, a masterpiece of the genre. With Magic Hour, it feels like they've taken a step back into a much more anonymous sound. I hear others talk about how the album is the weirdest the band's sounded since their demo debut, but I don't see it at all. Other than Kiki, there's nothing that comes even close to the wonderful weirdness of Electrobix, Bicycling with the Devil or even Making Ladies (b-side on their second album). What we get instead is something perfectly nice, but on the same hand... perfectly boring. One late album highlight is Self Control, which injects a welcome old-school dance vibe. Still, it's not as good as anything on the last album.

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