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Monday, June 11, 2012

Alexandra Burke - Heartbreak On Hold

"It's time to let it go"

It's a shame that 2008 X-Factor winner Alexandra Burke's second album seems to be stalling on the charts. Honestly, from a purely music business standpoint, it's not all that surprising. She operates in a genre that's heavily competitive and overcrowded, so I'm not sure why there was such a long wait between albums. People forget. Add to that a guest-judging stint on the last season of X-Factor that didn't particularly endear her to the public and a second single that's gone nowhere, success-wise, and you've got all the ingredients of a flop. However, with all of these things working against it, the album's actually quite good. In fact, though it doesn't pack as many obvious singles as her debut, it's stronger and much more consistent. She was wise to steer her career towards a more dance-oriented sound, demonstrated particularly well by the opening title track. This is dance-pop firing on all cylinders, kind of like a modern day Donna Summer. There are a lot of excellent tracks on the album, but this should be the next single.

Heartbreak On Hold by Alexandra Burke on Grooveshark

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