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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mika - Make You Happy

"All I wanna do is make you happy"

I didn't even know that Mika was working on a new album, but it's definitely good news. Singles aside, I wasn't blown away by his last one, though I found his French language Elle Me Dit to be refreshing and fun. It sounds as though the new release is going to be a bit different for him, working with producers like Pharrell and Empire of the Sun (the second is much more exciting to me than the first). I'm not sure if Make You Happy will be featured on that upcoming album, but it's a nice little surprise regardless. Despite the title, it's not particularly uptempo and definitely not as manic/bubblegum as some of his other stuff. This is both praise and criticism, as I personally love upbeat Mika. Still, the subtle, atmospheric electronics of this are an interesting progression for him and the song makes me very curious as to what the album's going to sound like. Plus, it gets better as it goes along, building to a nice musical climax.

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