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Monday, June 18, 2012

Straight Up! - Family

"All of us are united"

This is the song. It's the track that's gonna take Straight Up! to the next level. What it does is pull them away from the "novelty act" label (not that sexuality is a novelty, but you get what I mean) and push them firmly into the mainstream. I honestly can't believe how great this song is. For those who don't know, Straight Up! are a pop/electro duo from Sweden. A lot of this track actually sounds like it could have been recorded by BWO, which is a very good thing. The chorus is the standout--one of those delicious, propulsive melodies that latches onto your memory before it's even finished. Kudos also goes to the dynamic black and white video, which borrows from Rhythm Nation in theme and mood.

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