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Monday, July 23, 2012

Diviney - You're So Cool

"You are the best I've ever had"

I love surprises, and this is definitely a great one. Now, it may not be a surprise to those who follow the band more closely than I do, but I had no idea that Shaun Diviney, leader of Australia's Short Stack, was releasing a solo album. Short Stack were responsible for one of my absolute favorite albums of 2010. I still play it today. Unfortunately, the band have since disbanded, but if this song is any indication, I'm not too upset. Diviney's solo work sounds a bit different from SS, but it's a welcome progression. I feel like he kind of went from Billy Idol to INXS. It's still in the wheelhouse for his charismatic voice, but the sound is brighter and dancier than before. You're So Cool is a HIT, perfect for the Summer and perfect for radio. Embrace it people, please! I need more music from him, because I am totally in love with this track.

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