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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Muse - Survival

"I'll never lose"

When it comes to Muse, I like a big, dramatic, theatrical track. Hell, when it comes to any artist I like a big, dramatic, theatrical track. But especially Muse. This track, the first from their upcoming album as well as a special recording for the Olympics (see pic above), seems to be getting a lot of flack from critics. You know what, though? I actually really enjoy it. Sure, the melody's not all that memorable, and it's campy as hell, but I like how they don't seem to be taking themselves too seriously here. With Muse's musical output, I'm usually pretty hit and miss. I chalk that up to the fact that a lot of times they just don't sound very fun. Too much self-seriousness makes for music that can be a chore to listen to. With this, it's pretty clear that they're in it for a laugh (especially that insane final note), and I'm right there with them. From the ridiculous operatic background vocals to the constantly escalating rock thunder march, I really hope the new album contains more songs like this.

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