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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Dragonette - Live In This City

"Can I do it for free?"

The countdown to Dragonette's upcoming 3rd album continues with this new single. Live In This City follows up Let It Go with a similar sound. It's a little rockier I suppose, with a propulsive beat and a ton of fuzzed out pop guitars. It's the kind of track that never slows down, even as it breaks for a hand-clapping section towards the end. It's fast and furious... more of an attitude piece than a thoughtful, melodic song. That's perfectly alright, especially if the hook is as big as the one here. I'm curious if the album will follow in this sound or be more of a grab bag. I've always thought that one of the band's biggest strengths was a chameleon-like ability to pull in different genres when crafting their unabashedly pop sound. I hope this continues!

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