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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hampenberg - Glorious (ft. Jesper Nohrstedt)

"Together we glow in the dark"

I don't know how this track passed me by for so long. It's been out for nearly a month and I just discovered it a couple of days ago. I've been a huge Jesper Nohrstedt fan ever since he finished third (which seems to be the place to finish...) on Danish X-Factor a couple years ago. His Melodi Grand Prix entry, Take Our Hearts, was an excellent first single and should have gone on to represent Denmark in Eurovision. It certainly would have done better for the country than the entry they ultimately chose. I don't like Glorious quite as much, mostly because it sounds much more conventional and anonymous, but it is a rousing club track and it extends his burgeoning career as a dance/electro artist. I'd love for an entire album in this vein. For now, though, I'm just happy that he's still releasing singles (even if it's just as a featured vocalist).

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