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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Matchbox Twenty - Radio

"We feel it in our hearts for sure"

Matchbox Twenty reminds me of middle and high school, a time of my life where they ruled the airwaves. It's wonderfully nostalgic to listen to their new album now, which is I'm sure the whole idea of this campaign. But the thing is, they're not just coasting on nostalgia. While the new album, North, isn't their best (I still love the debut), it's not the tepid "comeback" most 90's stars release, either. The band have added some new tricks to their already expertly produced, radio friendly mix. There's some synthy dance stuff in there that'll shock their core audience, but my favorite is this rockabilly, subtly anthemic pop track (appropriately) called Radio. It truly shows how a good song transcends genres. In this song alone, there are brief elements of 80's power ballad, brassy swing, UK punk and, of course, classic Matchbox Twenty. It's also far more rousing than the band have any right to be at this stage in their career.

Radio by Matchbox Twenty on Grooveshark

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