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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Mika - Overrated

"Words get broken, cut me open"

Please believe me when I say that this new Mika album is freaking excellent. I wasn't a fan of his last one beyond the singles, but he's created something really special here. I'll have a full review shortly, but for now enjoy this track, which is one of the many highlights. Overrated is Mika as we've never heard him before. It's an aggressive, experimental electro/dance track with some really powerful vocals. I know he's famous for that falsetto, but I absolutely love the lower tones in his voice, and they're on full display here. There are some parts which are very on trend in the dance world, like the euphoric synths in the chorus, but the verses and bridge are so damned interesting. More and more, interesting pop is hard to find. Congrats, Mika. You totally redeemed yourself, and then some.

Overrated by Mika on Grooveshark

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Anonymous JeffC said...

At first listen to the album I was like ehh...maybe I was just tired heading to work, but I have to say I haven't stopped playing it since! LOVE IT! Some great touches throughout!

8:10 PM  

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