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Monday, September 17, 2012

Natalia Kills - Controversy

"Drink the kool-aid, don't drink the kool-aid"

I've been sort of hot and cold when it comes to Natalia Kills. Some of her stuff, I absolutely love, but a lot of her album tracks just didn't hit with me. Plus, like others have noted, her constant desire to be controversial and "arty," can sometimes get in the way of a good tune (sound familiar, Lady Gaga?). So it's going to be a bit strange that I'm now singing the praises of her least melodic, most controversy-baiting single. In fact, the song's even called Controversy (in case we didn't get it). It should be horrible, but I find this utterly engaging. The beat, for starters, is absolutely addictive. I love the industrial production. Then there's Natalia's delivery, which really sells it. There's something very charismatic about her speaking voice. When I first heard the song title, I thought about Prince, which is a comparison that still stands today. This reminds me of something he might have done way back when.

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