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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Girls Aloud - Something New

"We're the leaders of the pack"

Any pop blogger worth their salt will tell you that Girls Aloud were (are) one of the most explosive, creative and enduring acts in modern pop music. They'll forever be tied to production team Xenomania and luckily have turned again to them for their comeback after several years away. It wasn't until I heard this song that I realized how much I'd missed the group. There really isn't anybody else out their like them. Nobody else could've gotten away with a track so cheesy-weird or meandering in melody and made it sound so good. On first listen, I thought parts of Something New were a little overdone and cringeworthy (I'm talking about you, intro), but then I realized that this track includes everything I've loved about the girls throughout their career. It's ballsy and brash and crammed with ideas, so much so that you've gotta give it a few listens before you realize how wonderfully it all connects.

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