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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Reece Mastin - Beautiful Nightmare

"She keeps me up all night"

Unfortunately, this season of X-Factor Australia has kind of devolved into a boring non-event, particularly after one of their best contestants inexplicably left the competition and the should-have-been-winners were voted off in a "shock" elimination in week two. But, putting that all aside, last year's competition was awesome. The main reason was Reece Mastin, who won the season and was pretty much predetermined to since his first audition. Some things are just that obvious, and Mastin's vocals, charisma and style are something the show was very, very lucky to have. Now, after a string of successful (and good) singles, he's finally released his debut album (his covers cd last year doesn't count). It's chock full of harmless, but addictive, punk/pop/rock and this, the title track, is one of the best examples of his brand of music. Actually, this kind of reminds me of the final material from another Aussie band, Short Stack. Not bad at all.

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