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Monday, October 08, 2012

Titus Jones - Rhiannon's Stronger Island

"Will you ever win?"

Sometimes mash-ups can be sort of pointless, but whenever Titus Jones is involved, I know I'm going to get something good. For me, his best work comes when he takes an older, classic song and augments it for modern times. Rhiannon's Stronger Island, which is built around Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon, Kelly Clarkson's Stronger and Mike Posner's Cheated and the instrumental of Pendulum's The Island. It's the first and last part of those ingredients that make this so amazing. I could honestly have done without the Clarkson and Posner bits, which make up the bulk of the track's second half. As a remix for the Fleetwood Mac song, though, this rules. The very last part of the track, which amps the Rhiannon refrain up to euphoric levels, is absolute bliss. Best of all, you can download the track and it's entire accompanying album for free here!

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