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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Alexander Rybak - Leave Me Alone

"I'm begging you to stop and think this through"

One of my favorite Alexander Rybak recordings is a remix of his biggest hit, Fairytale, so it's kind of awesome that his new single sounds a bit like that. I never expected Alex to go dance, but if this track is any indication, that's exactly where he's headed. Leave Me Alone is really a bizarre single, but to be honest all of Rybak's songs have kind of existed in a parallel music universe, which is part of their charm. This particular track is a cool mix of classical strings, electro beats and Rybak's trademark croon. It sounds like nothing else out there now, while still managing to piggyback on everything else out there (if that makes any sense). I can't wait to see if this newfound experimentalism extends to the next album.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just as a note, this song was about Alexander Rybak's stalker...

11:50 AM  

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