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Monday, November 19, 2012

Dangerous Muse - I Can't Help It

"You must have put a spell on me"

Dangerous Muse was amongst the first bands I wrote about in the beginning years of this blog and I'm so happy that they're still at it. Though they've yet to release a full album, they've been churning out singles and EPs for the last seven years. Now they're back with this excellent free track, which has totally gotten me obsessed with them again. I Can't Help It keeps many of the band's sensibilities intact. It's dark, sexy, electronic and ultra-catchy. But, there's something extra in this track that I haven't felt from the band for the past five years. It really feels like a return to form (not that they've ever released anything bad). I don't even know what it is exactly--just that elusive "it" factor.

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