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Friday, November 23, 2012

Samantha Jade - What You've Done To Me

"Feels like my feet can't touch the ground"

Samantha Jade has what might be the best X-Factor story yet. She's the (very well-deserved) winner of this year's Australian XF, despite being in the bottom two in the VERY FIRST WEEK and TWICE after that. For those longtime XF-watchers, this is pretty much unheard of. It's a real come-from-behind story. I assume viewers initially confused her polish (and semi-popstar background) as arrogance or aloofness, but throughout the competition she proved that she is one of the most talented, professional acts ever to grace the XF stage. For those who are fans of Kylie Minogue (and really, who isn't?), you must check her out. I can easily see her being Kylie's successor, as her voice and stage presence are very similar. What You've Done To Me is easily the best winner's single the show has ever had, mostly because it sounds nothing like a winner's single. This infectious piece of anthemic dance-pop could go global. It's that good.

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