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Monday, December 03, 2012

Cher - A Woman's World

"I lose myself in the beat of the drum"

For the five millionth time, Cher is back! This is, by no means, a bad thing. Real legends are few and far between in the music industry, and it's always exciting when one releases a new song after quite a few years off. For A Woman's World, Cher is maintaining the strong club sound that bolstered her most recent comeback. The track's current but still manages to have a bit of a throwback sound to it -- kind of like a modern I Will Survive. The chorus is its strongest element. There's just no way to dislodge the hook from your brain. I'm not sure that this will have the same mainstream appeal that Believe had, but it will certainly please certain portions of her fan base looking for a big, campy dance track.

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