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Monday, December 10, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger - Beautiful People

"It's the beautiful people they want"

I haven't written much about UK X-Factor this year. It's not because I haven't enjoyed it. It's actually been pretty strong as a series. The problem is that there just weren't that many acts that I can see me being interested in past the finale. Lots of nice personalities, but not much in the way of original talent. And really, James Arthur is one of the most boring winners the show's had. Anyways, the true winner of the series is judge Nicole Scherzinger, who was terrible on the US version but an absolute revelation this year. As a tribute to the endless entertainment she gave us this series (as well as her success in bringing both her acts to the final two), I wanted to post one of my favorite unreleased Nicole tracks. Beautiful People was eventually recorded by Christina Aguilera and released as part of the dire musical Burlesque, but Nicole's is by far the better version. The Marilyn Manson sample is genius.

Beautiful People [] by Nicole Scherzinger on Grooveshark

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