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Friday, December 21, 2012

Top 20 Albums Of 2012: 12-11

12. Jedward - Young Love

I would have never predicted a Jedward album to make this countdown, especially so high. But against all odds, they upped their game and created an album that far eclipses their past efforts. Better songwriters, better production, and a sense of naive fun that's utterly contagious. I wish more people would give their music a chance. They definitely have the ability to surprise.

11. Loreen - Heal

A major new force in international pop world. For me, the album didn't quite live up to her potential, but Loreen's brand of soulful, electronic pop is still a ridiculously exciting prospect. The highlights on this album (and there are many), reach for the stratosphere, delivered with vocal performances that defy expectations and reach for something grander than traditional pop.

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