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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top 20 Albums Of 2012: 6-5

6. Fun. - Some Nights

Probably the album that grew on me the most this year. I was initially unimpressed (save for a few tracks) when it was released back in February, but as the band surged in popularity, I kept returning to it and finding that it's an indie pop/rock album with a lot of the hallmarks that I find desperately needed in today's music. The heart-on-their-sleeve theatricality goes a long way, even in the less memorable songs.

5. Donkeyboy - Silver Moon

A criminally overlooked Scandinavian pop album, and honestly the best full-length that the region produced this year. I love it when bands experiment, and Donkeyboy definitely took a risk by giving their sound an added dance-pop oomph. The results were an unqualified success, as this is basically Big Pop Song after Big Pop Song without a weak link in the bunch.

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