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Friday, December 21, 2012

Top 50 Singles Of 2012: 30-26

30. One Direction - Little Things

It's the classic boyband ballad for 2012, and one with a deceptively simple--yet effective--melodic hook.

29. Jesper Nohrstedt - Take Our Hearts

An ultra-melodic, semi-dance track that should've went on to represent Denmark in Eurovision.

28. Loreen - Crying Out Your Name

An epic piece of electronic-fueled balladry, delivered by 2012's best vocalist.

27. Donkeyboy - City Boy

The first peek at the band's new, dance-oriented sound. It's like a cool version of Eiffel 65.

26. G-Dragon - One Of A Kind 

The year's most cocky hype track. But this isn't just empty boasting. The production and playfulness of the hook register long after the track ends.

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