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Thursday, January 31, 2013

2Yoon - 24/7

"To the left, to the right"

Have you been wanting a K-Pop remake of Miley Cyrus's infamous Hoedown Throwdown? Of course you have, because one of those catchy monstrosities is never enough! Well, this isn't quite that, but it's pretty close. This addictive little trifle borrows a hook from American line dancing, melding it with a bubblegum melody throughout the verses and chorus. It's pretty much impossible to hate. So well produced and so fun. 2Yoon is comprised of Gayoon and Jiyoon (hence the "2"), and is a subgroup of popular girlband 4minute. Why these girls don't believe in spaces between the numbers and words in their names, I'll never know, but it doesn't matter because despite the language barrier, this can really be enjoyed by everyone. I could easily see kids getting into this, but honestly the whole thing's so saccharine sweet that it'll get stuck in anyone's head.

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