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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Darin - Give Me Tonight

"Say you want me like I want you"

Darin's that rarest type of popstar--one whose music actually gets better with each year of his career. He's the type of male artist we just don't have in the US, and with his recent performances on Så Mycket Bättre (a show that needs to come to America), he may have just reached his peak. Though I haven't had a chance to spend much time with his new album, I can confidently say that nothing is as good as the final track, Nobody Knows (released as a single last year). But that song's so good that it would be a tall order to compete with it. I was a big fan of his last album, Lovekiller, but I'm fine with the shift of sound on this one, since I don't think a Lovekiller Pt. II would have worked. This time around, Darin's gone with a much more international (shall we say, trendy?) sound. Give Me Tonight fits the bill perfectly. It's a soaring dance track that lets hims show off his flawless vocals. Nothing revolutionary, but definitely good fun.

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