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Friday, January 18, 2013

Darin - Playing With Fire

"I can feel it heating up"

I've been going through a big Darin phase right now. After placing his Nobody Knows in my top five of 2012 list and playing his Så Mycket Bättre tracks (especially the epic En Apa Som Liknar Dig) over and over, my anticipation is sky high for his new album. Playing With Fire isn't quite up to par with the aforementioned songs. It's a bit too westernized for me, like something a U.S. popstar would release. That doesn't mean it's bad, of course. And it certainly doesn't damper my excitement for the album. I love that he's continuing along the big, clubby route with his new music. I just hope there are more of those immense choruses that he's been giving us of late. Lovekiller was filled with them, even though the album was mostly ballads. An uptempo version of that style would be AMAZING.

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