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Monday, January 28, 2013

Feed Me - Death By Robot

For the nerds out there, this is the kind of music the Transformers would listen to on their home world of Cybertron. This is like robo-dance, all augmented, metallic vocals and fuzzy dance beats. It's not the usual thing I'd go for, but the production on this is too good to pass up. I often look for workout music, and I can see this fitting the bill. It kicks off with a burst of energy and never lets up. It has a real dark, otherworldly sound to it without sacrificing a sense of giddy freakout fun. If you're a fan of dance music at all, give this a try.

Death by Robot by Feed Me on Grooveshark

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Blogger Unknown said...

I knew I'd like it just from the title and the band name...

1:33 PM  

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