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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Girls' Generation - I Got A Boy

I feel like this is the first K-Pop single to really feel the boost post-Gangnam Style. This can be seen immediately in the crazy amount of youtube views the video has already received in the few days it's been available. But it's also the first real major comeback in the months since PSY's made it big globally. Girls' Generation have always been huge in their native Korea, starting with the addictively cheesy mega-smash Gee. I Got A Boy is far, far from that track's sound, and everyone and their mother in the blogosphere seems to have an opinion on it. It's incredibly divisive, courting passionate admirers and detractors. You can count me among the former. I adore the rapid shifts in style and sound (and the song has a lot of them). I wasn't sure the first time through, but it only took two listens for the track to really click with me. Structure-wise, it's a lot like the more experimental Girls Aloud tracks. Eight songs strung together as one, all in just five minutes. Enjoy! I'm gonna post the whole video below, because it's best experienced with the visuals.

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