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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Margaret Berger - I Feed You My Love

"The whole world is mine"

It seems like forever since I've listened to Margaret Berger. I was really into her 2006 album Pretty Scary Silver Fairy, which surprisingly is her most recent full-length release. That's a long time between albums! Now it's time for her big comeback, as part of Norway's search for their 2013 Eurovision entry. She's well on her way, as this track progressed onward during the weekend. It's an odd choice for the contest, as it has a real dark electro vibe to it that isn't as instantaneous as what we'd consider a "typical" Eurovision entry. But that's always been Berger's way. She makes quirky, artistic electropop. It's hard to believe she started on Norway's version of the Idol series. This is a stately midtempo track with crunchy electro production and a subtle, yet super-catchy, hook. If you like it, please check out her back catalogue--especially singles like Samantha and Will You Remember Me Tomorrow.

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