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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tegan And Sara - I'm Not Your Hero

"But that doesn't mean we're not one and the same"

It's funny how past ideas about an artist can color your expectations when it comes to new music. I've been a longtime, but casual, fan of Tegan And Sara's music. Walking With A Ghost was the song that got me hooked years ago, and I still play it today. In fact, that entire album was fantastic. The follow-up failed to connect with me, and I kind of let myself forget about them after that. When I heard a new album was coming out, I figured it would be filled with the singer-songwriter indie pop they were known for. Then lead single Closer blew those assumptions out of the water with its big, polished production that went straight for the pop jugular. Now that I've heard I'm Not Your Hero, I'm properly excited for the album. From the samples, it sounds like it's going to be big pop music. Add the girls' trademark tight harmonies and we might have something really special.

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