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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BLITZKIDS mvt. - Heart On The Line

"Was it something you said, or my imagination?"

Is BLITZKIDS mvt. not the coolest new band name you've heard in some time? I'm not sure about the capital/lowercase formatting, but it definitely caught my attention instantly. Luckily, the band's image and sound live up to the title. Inspired by avant garde fashion and 80's electro synthpop, this is one seriously awesome new group. The song Heart On The Line was in the running for Germany's Eurovision pre-selection contest, but there's nothing really "Eurovision" about it. Now don't get my wrong... you all know how much I love Eurovision. But this is so much cooler. It's got incredibly funky production, a hooky melodic structure, and a real strut throughout. It's like Goldfrapp mixed with Chromeo mixed with Bertine Zetlitz mixed with Lady Gaga. And the good news is... the album's just as good! I think it's gotta be 2013's first qualifier for my top ten album list at the end of the year! They even manage to include a cover of Ladyhawke's brilliant My Delirium that equals (and honestly might even trump) the original.

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Anonymous ThatDuckDude said...

I recently discovered Blitzkids mvt. as well. Their videos are fabulous. My favorite tracks are "Cold", their German entry "Heart On The Line", and "Mirror" which, is Amazeballs! I love the 80's sound and their are many likeable tracks on the album.

8:48 AM  

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