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Thursday, February 07, 2013

Darin - Check You Out

"You're used to always getting what you want"

Last week, when I said that Give It To Me was my favorite new track on Darin's just-released album Exit, I was totally mistaken. It's still true that Nobody Knows towers far above everything else on the album (it's one of his top three best singles), I'm quickly becoming almost as enamored with Check You Out. Not only does it adhere to the new dancier sound he's establishing, but it doesn't skimp on the melody. This is big POP music, especially the chorus. The lyrics are great fun, too. It seems that Give It To Me is the next single and, if itunes charts are to be believed, quite beloved by the Swedish public. It's a fine choice, as I outlined last week, but this is better. It should be single #4--just in time for Summer.

Check You Out by Darin on Grooveshark

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