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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013: Heat Four

Up to this point in this strange 2013 competition, I don't feel like we've seen our winner yet. Yohio's the closest I can think of, but even that doesn't seem quite like it's going to happen. Will this week change that? Let's find out! Please, Sweden... vote wisely!!

* Every single pair of pants Danny has worn this year look... weird. But this opening is still fantastic. And I love Petra.

* Ulrik and Army Of Lovers getting the most applause at the outset. I would so love them both to progress, but the way voting has been this year, I'm not holding out much hope.

ARMY OF LOVERS: This is certainly the type of camp cheese that the contest has been sorely missing this year, and easily one of the weirdest performances the show's had for several years. This is, of course, an amazing thing. This performance had so much to look at, and the song wasn't bad either. Will the Swedes be as infatuated by it? Some of them surely will, but I just don't know...
(But I love it)

LUCIA: Now for the boring Adele rip-off. Can we just ban these types of songs from now on? To me, this just brings nothing to the table. Absolutely nothing. An eighth place finish would be suitable, but the way the voting's gone this year, you never know. Her voice sounds very grating on the chorus.

ROBIN: Okay, the song's alright, but the dancers are really funny and necessary. He hits the high notes well, and the performance is quite polished, but I feel like the song's just missing that little extra something. I know he's popular and may have a shot at Andra Chansen, but it was a bit underwhelming for me. The audience sure liked it, though.

AHHHH! SARAH DAWN FINER!!! Please come back and host!!

SYLVIA: Oh, Sylvia! How I love her! This song, not so much. I do enjoy watching her cavort around the stage. I'd imagine she'd get a few votes from her Sa Mycket Battre fanbase, but the song just isn't right for MF or Eurovision, so this will probably end up somewhere between 5 and 8.

RALF: A big favorite to progress this week. To be honest, I'm pretty sick of these "credible" hard rock artists entering the competition, but this song is alright. I was actually expecting a bit more after all the hype, but this and Army Of Lovers are my favorites so far. The audience responded well.

BEHRANG: The hook on this has actually grown on me. I just find the rapping kind of annoying. Not that I find rapping annoying in general, but his tone irks me a bit. But yeah... that hook. I'm getting Andra Chansen vibes from this. I think it has to be considered the dark horse this week. Oh, and that background singer was on last year's X-Factor, wasn't he? This song got a great reaction from the crowd.

TERESE: Oh god, this is so boring. Total fodder (at least I hope so). It's pleasant enough, but is just so forgettable. I can't imagine it stands much of a chance.

ULRIK: Oh my god!! He's entering to the Ark's Calleth You, Cometh I!!!!!!!! You have just made me very happy, Ulrik! He's in a dangerous place, being the "favorite." I just hope Sweden still votes. The song's alright... not quite as good as I was hoping, but the staging and performance was excellent (even though the stream conked out pretty bad for me).

My Predictions:
To Final: Ralf and Ulrik
Andra Chansen: Behrang and Robin (or Army of Lovers)

Ulrik, Ralf, Robin, Behrang & Terese (ugh)
6th: Army Of Lovers :(
7th: Sylvia
8th: Lucia (thank god)

EDIT: I stick by my Ulrik and Ralf top two, but now I've got a feeling that Ralf is going to rack up the most votes this week. What does that mean for the final?

EDIT: Alcazar!!! reminding us of how MF used to (and should) sound! Stay The Night is such a massive song. Should've won that year. And Danny "joining" the band is the best thing he's done this entire competition.

First act through to the final is.... Ulrik!! Yes!!!!!

Final results!
Andra Chansen: Behrang, Robin
Out: Terese

Pretty predictable results, but mostly correct I think. I would've replaced Army of Lovers with Robin, but otherwise I'm happy with the qualifiers (for once!)



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