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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013: Heat Two

* I'm back for week two of the Melodifestivalen live blog! I can't say the song previews really impressed me much yesterday, but I'm hoping (and ready) to be surprised.

* Anton, Joacim, Erik/Tone and Sean getting the biggest cheers at the beginning. Will these be the final four?

* Cute granny version of Eric Saade!

ANTON: This is definitely one of my favorite songs that we've seen so far in this year's competition and will probably be my favorite by far this week. It's a great song and the dancing was fantastic. I can't see this missing out on the top four. I just hope it makes top two. Vocals could have been a bit stronger, but that's not really what he's know for so I don't think it matters so much.

FELICIA: Ugh... I already hate the song she's entering to. I'm just predisposed not to like this. This kind of midtempo soul is so not my thing. The hook is alright, but overall this is just not something I would ever listen to. I hope it comes somewhere between 6-8 in the ranking, and that's also what I'm predicting.

JOACIM: I get the feeling that this guy is a big favorite tonight. And I can never remember how to spell his name. I'm betting this guy takes the annual "old man" spot in either the final or andra chansen (bad news for tonight's second old man). I actually quite like this song... much more than the preview led me to believe. It's no Eurovision winner, but it's a fine folky Swedish rock track. Kind of reminds me of a laid-back Moneybrother track.

SWEDISH HOUSE WIVES: The thing about them is... they need a better song! This could have been (should have been) legendary, given the pedigree of everyone involved. But, just like the preview hinted at, this is just so boring melodically and production-wise. I have a feeling they're going to struggle tonight. Fifth or sixth place, I'd bet.

ERIK/TONE: Danny has a lot of connections to this week's performers, doesn't he? These two have the best intro music yet (Icona Pop), but I wasn't feeling the song preview yesterday. Like song #2, this is just a genre I don't like. Strummy, inconsequential, cutesy acoustic pop. I have a feeling they may score an andra chansen place out of this, but it's not my cup of tea. I'm still team Anton this week.

LOUISE: Now this is a pleasant surprise. I love that it has perhaps the most awkward title in Melodifestivalen history ("Only the dead fish follow the stream"), yet manages to be super catchy and accessible regardless. I don't see this making much waves in the competition, but it's probably my second or third favorite track tonight so far (well, maybe fourth once that damn harmonica came out).

RIKARD: I pretty much fell asleep during his intro, and I don't think the song's going to do anything to change that. This is like Professor Snape singing. The general feeling is kind of creepy, and the song really is just one decibel above a whisper the entire time. Not my thing.

SEAN: Why are people continuing to support this act? Just looking at his facial expressions makes me want to slap him. He could sing the most amazing song ever written and I would still despise him. I just want him to leave this competition forever. Permanent ban. He will win tonight, and I have no idea why. I only hope people think that he's safe and don't vote.

My guess: Sean and Joacim in the final, Anton and Erik/Tone in andra chansen
My wish: Anton and Joacim in the final, Swedish House Wives and Louise in andra chansen

EDIT: Here come the Swedish grannies again for some interval entertainment. It's at least nice to hear these songs again, though this is certainly an odd shtick.

EDIT: Results!
Top 5 - Sean (ugh), Anton (yes!), Louise (wow!), Erik/Tone, Felicia (woah)
6th: Swedish House Wives (as expected) 7th: Rikard 8th: Joacim (surprised at this)

EDIT: Does the female presenter have a cold or something? What's with all the sniffling?

EDIT: I'm feeling Sean and Anton for the top two, now, with Erik/Tone hot on their heels followed by... who knows? I didn't expect Louise or Felicia in the final five. I much prefer Louise, though.

EDIT: The much-hyped Bollywood version of In The Club is upon us. Danny looks like he's playing Aladdin in a cheap school play. I've never liked this shouty song and it fairs no better here, but whatever...

EDIT: I don't know what this "Swedish House Family" bit is about but it is seriously freaking me out.

EDIT: SERIOUSLY freaking me out.

EDIT: Results!
First through to the final is... Sean. I have no words for how much I hate this result.

Final results: 
2nd in final: Louise (wtf?)
Andra Chansen: Anton, Erik/Tone
Fifth (and knocked out): Felicia

EDIT: Bad heat, terrible result (though Louise was a nice surprise). I hope that Anton can take that Andra Chansen Final spot. I need the third Heat right now, just to inject some life into this year. Can you imagine if Sean wins the entire thing? It would be the worst result in the history of the contest.



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