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Friday, February 08, 2013

Melodifestivalen Heat Two: Preliminary Judgement

Last week's heat was pretty solid, if not spectacular, and resulted in winners that were probably the best we could have hoped for given the entries. Will this week's heat be the same? Let's see...

(Listen to clips here)

Anton Ewald - Beggin
I have high hopes for this one. I like the sound of it and the fact that it's a young guy performing means that it probably has a good chance. That whole dubstep breakdown part is a little worrying, but the hook seems fun. 4/5

Felicia Olsson - Make Me No. 1
Boring ballad number one. This is a vintage sounding soul song and, from the clip, sounds like a real snorefest. This just isn't my kind of music at all and I don't see how it has a chance of qualifying.  1/5

Joacim Cans - Annelie
I imagine this guy has a good chance of progressing based on his pedigree, but this isn't anything like I thought it was gonna be. It's so gentle and folky. I don't think he'll be another Nikke Borg, but he may easily move on to Andra chansen. 2/5

Swedish House Wives - On Top Of The World
I was really excited for this one, but I'm finding the clip a little underwhelming. The sound is pretty much as expected, but the melody doesn't do anything interesting. Not bad, but nothing to write home about. 3/5

Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli - Hello Goodbye
Duos have never done well in Melodifestivalen, and I don't expect this to really break the trend, despite the fame of each of its singers. The song is just super cheesy/boring. Ugh... why? I want this to be good! 2/5

Louise Hoffsten - Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream
I did not expect to like this (I mean, look at the title!), but I'm actually really enjoying the clip! Finally! The melody is instantly catchy and has that sort of polished acoustic sound that Lisa Miskovsky used last year. A nice surprise. 3.5/5

Rikard Wolff - En förlorad sommar (A Lost Summer)
Boring ballad number two, the boring-er version. This is so typical of Melodifestivalen. They have one of these horribly slow Swedish language songs sung by some old man that always does well and ends up growing on me. For now, it's a 1.5/5

Sean Banan - Copacabanana
Ugh. Hate this man. Seriously, it wasn't enough that he inflicted his painfully unfunny shtick on the competition last year? They had to bring him back? To his credit, as a song this actually sounds a lot better than last year. Kind of a Gangnam Style influence. It's still gonna suck, though. 2/5

Not a very good heat based on the previews, I'm afraid. I hope to be surprised tomorrow, but I'd imagine we'll see Sean through for sure (ugh), with Anton, Rikard, and Joacim fighting for second.



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