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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Willy Moon - My Girl

"I don't want no other, she's my girl"

It's been cool to see Willy Moon gain some notoriety in the States. I honestly wouldn't have expected, given how off-kilter his music is, but that was before I heard it used in a commercial. I'm not usually a fan of good songs being played to death in advertisements, but Moon's music actually kind of fits. Anyway, I've been playing the same 3-4 songs of his for months now, and it's nice to finally have something new. My Girl isn't officially out until March 3rd, but we get to hear the whole thing now. It, like his other material, mixes the retro and current in fresh and exciting ways. The melody of the chorus is especially good--very reminiscent of 70's power-pop bands like Bay City Rollers and Cheap Trick. Now when are we gonna get an album?

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