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Friday, March 22, 2013

Manda - Sweetest Heartbreak

"I'm like a devil in disguise"

I loved Manda on the first season of Swedish X-factor. I thought she had the perfect pop voice and picked great songs to perform. She was definitely a favorite, but even so, I knew she wouldn't go all that far in the competition. I was right, as she finished sixth, but I would never have expected that she would be the first one from the show to release a debut single. It's a pity this wasn't out in time for Melodifestivalen, as it would have fit right in. However, it doesn't appear that she needed that extra promotion, because as of this writing the song's sitting on top of the Swedish itunes chart! Sweetest Heartbreak is an instantly catchy, effortlessly sung, radio pop/rock track. It's the kind of stuff Sweden chucks out in its sleep, and that's one of the reasons I love the country so much. I look forward to an album, especially since a couple of months ago, I'd never have thought we'd see one!

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