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Saturday, March 09, 2013

Melodifestivalen 2013: The Final

Who's ready to watch Yohio win? Just kidding... maybe there will be an upset? I've made it quite clear that I'd love to see Ulrik or Anton take the title, but we'll see...

* My god that's a huge arena! The kid hosts are very cute. They remind me of Awa and Isak of this year's XF Swe

* Is Kisses Of Fire really one of Abba's popular songs? I never thought so, but they used it for this and it was also featured prominently in the 2004 final. Was it a single in Sweden? Regardless, it's a great track.

ULRIK: If only this could win. Either way, I'm still obsessed with the song and the fact that his entry music is Calleth You, Cometh I still gets me excited. Vocals were on point tonight and the changes in the staging were interesting, if not entirely necessary. Come on, voters!!

DAVID: I find this guy so annoying. His presentation is so incredibly needy. It's a shame, because the song's not bad. He just makes the most irritating facial expressions when he performs. Is it just me?

STATE OF DRAMA: I could see this coming last place, honestly. It's a nice breakthrough for them, but the song is so, so boring and dated. I think it'll probably finish between 7th and 9th, but who knows.

ANTON: Huge applause at the announcement of his name. Could this guy actually win and become the first Andra Chansen victor? I'm not sure I see it happening, but it would be a nice surprise. The hair looks better today. Whatever happens, I'm excited at the prospect of an album by this guy. (btw... where was the awkward back/side flip towards the end? Instead, we got a really weird little twirl)

LOUISE: Now that I think about it, my former predictions might have been too optimistic. The audience certainly wasn't that enthused. It will be interesting to see where this finishes. It ain't winning. That much is for sure.

RALF: I feel like svt is really pushing him so far in this broadcast. First the gag at the beginning, then the Danny fireman outfit. I'm still about 95% sure that this will place somewhere in the top three. Could it win? Erm... I'd rather it not, but it wouldn't be a total travesty either. The audience wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I thought they would be, though.

RAVAILLACS: Like State Of Drama, this feels like a last place finisher, and I think the two will be duking it out for that... honor. I think anyone voting for them would vote for Louise or Ralf instead, and I don't see how the International Juries could give them any points.

SEAN: Agh! Get it off! Get it off!!!

ROBIN: I still don't understand why he enters to "Dude Looks Like A Lady." It just draws thoughts and comparisons that he probably doesn't want. I'm afraid I get the feeling like his thunder from last week has been stolen by Anton and he may suffer because of that. We'll see. This is maybe the most unpredictable entry in the final this year. Could do really well, could absolutely bomb. There's a slight bit of desperation in his performance that I just can't help but feel is somewhat off-putting.

YOHIO: Our presumed frontrunner. I was interested to see what the audience reception would be, and from the outset it doesn't seem to be as strong as I'd anticipated. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean anything (though going by applause in the arena, Anton has to be the clear frontrunner). I'm still predicting this to win, but I feel like there might be a little more wiggle room than we thought.

* Now comes the really interesting part. I am so, SO curious about how the International Juries went.

* AAAHHHH! Sara Dawn Finer!! Love her. This is a funny bit.

* Damn, Euphoria is such an amazing song. This was a stunning performance.


Cyprus - 12 points: Sean Banan (really?!?)
Spain - 12 points: Louise (weird...)
Italy - 12 points: Ulrik (yes!)
Iceland - 12 points: Robin (these are all over the place)
Malta - 12 points: David (jesus... this is so weird)
Ukraine - 12 points: Ralf
Israel - 12 points: Robin (could he win this?)
France - 12 points: Ulrik (come on, voters!)
England - 12 points: Ulrik (yes!!!!)
Croatia - 12 points: Robin
Germany - 12 points: David (wtf...)

So here's what we've got, and it's totally unexpected:
1. Robin
2. Ulrik
3. David

Meanwhile, Yohio is languishing toward the bottom. Can he still win? I REALLY hope Ulrik has a shot now.

* Carola is an amazing singer, but this is kind of a mess. And those hot pants! Wow.


1. Robin
2. Yohio
3. Ulrik (damn!)
4. Anton
5. Louise
6. Sean Banan
7. Ralf
8. David
9. State Of Drama
10. Ravaillacz

Well WTF?!?! I don't think anybody expected that! Not my favorite song, for sure, but not an embarrassment, either. The first Andra Chansen to win the Final. He's SHOCKED. I think we all are, to be honest.

That's it for another year, guys! I'll be back either tomorrow or Monday to discuss the results in more detail :)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken Anton couldn't do the butterfly twist because he's injured that's why.

11:33 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

Kisses of Fire is one of my top 3 all time Abba songs :)

11:21 PM  

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