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Monday, March 18, 2013

Semi Precious Weapons - Aviation High

"I find myself counting the days"

To be honest, I always wanted to love Semi Precious Weapons instead of just liking them. They've got a fantastic image, a charismatic front man, and a clear love of classic glam rock/punk. For me, though, something has always been missing. But now the band are back with a complete reinvention of sound, which is enough to pique my interest again. They've gone from brash punk to mellow, new wavey synth pop. It's an interesting transition, though not altogether unexpected (they had been touring with Lady Gaga, after all). The song itself is a taster for the new album, which has yet to be released, and I hope it's not a red herring. I would love to hear some upbeat, rock-influenced electronica from these guys. I think they're totally capable of making an awesome album in that style. Justin Tranter's certainly got the vocals and persona for it.

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