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Monday, March 25, 2013

Tyson - Mr. Rain

"All my tears went dry, so I said goodbye"

It seems like I've been writing about Tyson forever (and with good reason). It started with Unklejam in 2006, which he was a part of, and continued on during the following years with his slow dribble of excellent singles. I knew that he released a full-length last year, but I figured I'd heard most of the songs (especially the good ones). But then, his newest single (the fabulous Mr. Rain) became an unexpected hit in Germany and I'm back writing about his again! This is the very best track he's given us yet, a slow-building, pulsating 80's electro anthem that sounds exactly like Tina Turner circa the Private Dancer era. Nobody is doing anything like this right now. It's flamboyant, passionate and really just a lot of fun. Honestly, all it takes is one listen to this track and you will be impossibly addicted.

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