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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Albums I'm Anticipating this Spring


Shinee - Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me
The first half of their double-EP experiment was completely brilliant, so I have high hopes for the follow-up. Expect an Alienhits feature on the new single as soon as it's released.


Isac Elliot - Wake Up World
I never thought I could be so addicted to a song by a tween artist, but New Way Home has quickly become one of 2013's absolute highlights. I hope the album's as good.

Amelia Lily - Be A Fighter
She's already had a string of excellent singles, so I have faith in the album (if it's ever released).


Studio Killers
I am SO thrilled that, after years of intermittent singles, they're releasing an album. This can't come soon enough. I have sky high hopes for this.

July and Beyond...

My favorite K-Pop debut from last year, and they're way overdue for a comeback.
Will this be the rumoured Japanese debut or another Korean EP? Or both?
He's starting work on his debut EP. I hope it sounds a lot like You're So Cool.
Nicole Saboune
I know nothing about when (or if) a full length album will be released, but I have my fingers crossed.
Due for a Summer release, this is the only American band that I'm excited about this year.


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