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Monday, April 29, 2013

Annie - Tube Stops And Lonely Hearts

"Can't stop, I'm about to begin"

My musical relationship with Norway's Annie has been a bit rocky. I wanted to like her music so badly but it didn't hit me instantly. However, I knew it was something that would grow on me, so I worked at liking it, and eventually I came around. That might sound like the music's unapproachable or self-indulgent or something. It's really not. I think the thing that put me off initially was her unique, airy style of singing. I remember thinking that there wasn't a lot of presence (or any grit) in her voice, and for some reason that bothered me and stopped me from fully embracing her cool brand of pop. Whatever. I'm over it now, and I love all her stuff. This new track took no effort to like, from its instantly catchy verses to the breezy, cooler-than-cool production. I'm happy to have her back, and this time I promise I'll embrace the new music without a lot of fuss!

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