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Friday, April 05, 2013

Flashback Friday: Daniel Küblböck - Love Is In The Air

"Can you feel it?"

I have been searching out this album for months, and I finally got a hold of it. Daniel Küblböck was the flamboyantly cartoonish runner-up in Germany's first season of the Idol franchise (in 2003). Widely panned, his debut is a complete novelty pop disaster/masterpiece. For those Melodifestivalen fans, I can describe it best as being chock-full of songs that would've come last place in their Heat only to become favorites later on. This is super-catchy, super-cheesy FUN pop music. Küblböck sings/speaks in an overdone German accent and rips off classic tracks throughout. This one takes influence from one of my favorite 80's songs, You Can Call Me Al by Paul Simon. Another sounds quite similar to It's In His Kiss. This is no bad thing for fans of weird, trashy pop--and under the right circumstances I definitely consider myself part of that camp. Küblböck has now moved on to "credible" (ie: boring) singing, but for a brief shining moment the world was visited by the supremely bizarre persona that shows up on this album. I'm happy to have it as part of my collection!

Love Is In The Air by Daniel Küblböck on Grooveshark

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Anonymous popknark said...

Haha. Used to be a big fan of this guy back in 2003! I remember him being in a serious car crash and we were all very worried in the online pop community.

I can't believe he releases albums with titles like "Jazz Meets Blues" nowadays :(

3:26 AM  

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